MIFF’s Emotional Trailer from Australia Wins The Best of Global Digital Marketing Awards in April

European digital marketing research firm Best Marketing International monitors almost 300 digital award competitions Worldwide. Each month we handpick our personal TOP 3 amongst all the regional winners. It’s been nearly a year since the launch of BOD Awards. After seeing hundreds of award-winning campaigns, we were faced with a question: what makes a great campaign? It seems creativity and cool gimmicks is all it takes to grab a Gold Lion. We, on the other hand, see results as equally important. Our goal is to chase down fresh successful campaigns from all around the world and gather further information from all available sources.

As expected, March was full of pleasant surprises. We were hit by a huge wave of fresh work from all across the globe. Starting from Asia’s AdFest and finishing up with MENA’s Dubai Lynx (safe to say our expectations were high). A handful of campaigns have Gold Lion written all over them. It’s about time to start placing your bets…

2016 is clearly the year of social campaigns and further gender emancipation. The refugee crisis has struck us hard leading to an increasing number of charity initiatives and as we move deeper into the 21st century, we’re continuing to disrupt outdated gender stereotypes. However, our TOP 3 doesn’t include neither of these trends. April was all about innovation (MIFF’s Emotional Trailer), effectiveness (KFC’s League of Legends integration) and shear cleverness (Tokopedia’s Buylight banner).



First Place: Melbourne International Film Festival’s Emotional Trailer by McCann Melbourne (Australia, AdFest Grand Prix)


The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is an annual film festival held over three weeks in Melbourne, Australia. Movies are about seeking familiar emotions: fear, happiness, anxiety, excitement, etc. Hence, we are eager to research movies based on the emotions we’re craving at the given moment. This served as an insight for creating a custom made Emotion Simulator to experience the emotional journey of every film at the festival. The agency captured the emotions of renowned film critics. The emotional map from each film was then fed into facial electrodes in the MIFF Emotion Simulator, allowing participants to feel 6 key human emotions: happiness, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise or anger. Their experiences were then merged into 1-minute movie trailers. This resulted in the highest attendance on record, $30,165,012 earned media value and 800% increase in social media shares.

Why we love it:

It’s not often you see exciting campaigns coming from regional film festivals. The changing digital landscape and streaming services have challenged the entertainment business to come up with ground-breaking ideas. We were baffled by the Emotional Trailer and it’s alienesque-cyber-tech approach. In the age of drones, clouds and self-driving cars – it’s hard to amaze and be amazed. This is stunt marketing at a whole new level. Creating an experience for a few, but then sharing it with the wider public via film brought the results for MIFF. Bravo!


2nd Place: KFC’s How KFC Won with China’s Gamers by Mindshare (China, Festival of Media Asia Pacific Gold)


Over the years, KFC has won over the hearts of China’s fried chicken munchers. But how do you engage the younger public (especially those who spend most of their hours behind the screen)? League of Legends is the most popular PC game in China. Thus, KFC decided to launch the world’s first in-game delivery service – with a single click gamers could easily order KFC delivery from within the game. This was backed up by special offerings in KFC’s restaurants. Custom gamer-friendly sets were sold out within ten days of launch and the offline version of the combo set sold out in eight days – the fastest sell-out in KFC history.

Watch case study video here: https://www.creamglobal.com/case-studies/latest/17798/37380/how-kfc-won-with-china’s-gamers/

Why we love it:

Only a true gameaholic can appreciate a campaign like this. Luckily we have our dearest reporter Ann. Ann’s face lit up the moment she laid eyes on KFC’s campaign. She, a once obsessed gamer, convinced us in KFC’s ingeniousness. Having identified a huge gap, they reached the audience directly through the game and catered ideally to the players’ needs. Custom sets which you can consume whilst playing, collectable memorabilia i.e. special combo sets (yes LoL fans will definitely stock the carton buckets and sell them on eBay) – it was all tweaked to play on the audience’s loyalty.


3rd Place: Tokopedia’s Beyond the Banner by Iris Worldwide Indonesia (Indonesia, AdFest Gold)


Tokopedia is an online marketplace in Indonesia. Based on the knowledge that people are eager to read all sorts of online tutorials, the brand decided to reinvent good-old banner ads. Whenever you highlight a word within the tutorial, their clever banner will instantly search for it on Tokopedia. Everything you need is just a click away! The banner delivered an interaction rate of 40% and a CTR of 617%.

Why we love it:

A really simple yet clever invention from Tokopedia. Interactive banners have been around for awhile now, but only a few have been successful at offering a functioning ecommerce solution. Due to the absence of materials, most tutorials are forgotten within seconds after we finish reading them. Tokopedia removed this tedious obstacle for us. Useful marketing making our lives a bit easier.


These campaigns also made it to our April shortlist:

Cupnoodle Pastastyle’s Pasta Not Approved by Italians by Dentsu Inc. (Japan)

ASB’s Clever Kash by Saatchi & Saatchi (New Zealand)

BOU KHALIL SUPERMARCHÉ’s the Good Note by JWT Beirut (Lebanon)

Snicker’s Hungry Slip Ups by BBDO Hong Kong (China)

Samsung’s Kalimalock by Cheil MENA Dubai (UAE)

City of Cape Town’s Social Channels by King James Group (South Africa)

Suncorp Bank’s Home Loans that Deliver by Starcom Mediavest (Australia)

Our team of experts: Hando Sinisalu (CEO of Best Marketing International, Estonia), Heidi Tiik (Dutch Communication Talent 2015), Maarja Laasu and Ann Kruuk (Co-Authors of “BOGDM: The Storybook and Storybook 2”)



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