Clever Buoy from Australia wins The Best Of Global Digital Marketing Monthly Awards in August

European digital marketing research firm Best Marketing International monitors over 200 digital award competitions Worldwide. Based on the winners of these competitions, our research team shortlists 10 works and gives them to International expert jury for voting.

Unlike the annual award shows, we select the fresh works every month. We select the works from the winners of local/regional award shows.



First Place: Project Clever Buoy by M&C Saatchi (Australia)


Telecom company Optus wanted to showcase the real power of their network. They collaborated with Google and M&C Saatchi to create a truly interesting project called the Clever Buoy. The Clever Buoy detects sharks by using a world-first sonar system that measures their unique movement. The information is sent to Lifeguard towers via the Optus network. Although the project is still in a prototype phase, the creators are now developing a commercially reliable product to be used as a beach safety innovation in the future. In the seven days since launching the prototype, the Clever Buoy has featured in over 227 news stories, reaching an audience of almost 10 million.

Here’s what the jury thought:

“This is a fantastic creative solve to telecommunication client Optus’ brief. It could easily have been another heavy digital media buy; instead M&C Saatchi looked to innovation and utility to deliver on the message of demonstrating a powerful network. Reaching an audience of 12 million with this prototype campaign is impressive and answers to brand sentiment as well as reach. I’m interested to see whether or not this prototype will make it to the commercial arena; I do know South African swimmers and sharks would welcome this innovation with open arms.” – Misha Coetzee (Digital Manager at Distell SA)

“When I heard about this in AU, I found it quite clever and intriguing, other than the results, I find this a highly innovative use of technology and the use of social media.” – Gamze Gurbuzatik (Group Account Director at CHE Proximity)


 2nd Place: Chester Zoo App by Code Computerlove (UK)


As part of a mobile campaign for Chester Zoo, the UK’s largest zoo based in the North West, they created a companion app that’s packed with features to enhance a visit to the zoo.

Here’s what the jury thought:

“The reason I chose Chester Zoo mobile solutions as the top of my list is because it is a great example of how a mobile app can bring a zoo to life. It is a perfect example of marrying, great usability, great content usage that has entertainment value to bring in short as well as long term results to create a bondage with a Zoo. A zoo is generally perceived to be a one time visit place but with this mobile app…brilliantly it comes into life and becomes a part of our everyday lives, as with the daily lives of each of the animals.” – Gamze Gurbuzatik (Group Account Director at CHE Proximity)

3rd Place: New B2B Web Portal (Greece)


Exportgate is the first digital platform for b2b networking in Greece. The portal, which offers holistic digital support to companies that are oriented towards international commerce, is focused around 3 main points:

1) Keeping up-to-date

2) Know-how

3) Networking

Here’s what the jury thought:

“This is a smart way to pique the global community’s interest in Greece’s exports; not to mention support a struggling economy. I think the execution and user experience could be finessed; but the idea is a sound one.” – Misha Coetzee (Digital Manager at Distell SA)

“I really liked the commercial value and the need behind Exportgate portal, and how it is in a way matchmaking for commerce, very clever and for a great benefit as well.” – Gamze Gurbuzatik (Group Account Director at CHE Proximity)



In August, the jury consisted of Misha Coetzee (Digital Manager at Distell South Africa), Mike Berry (Internationally recognised digital marketing lecturer, trainer and consultant, UK), Hando Sinisalu (CEO of Best Marketing International, Estonia) and Gamze Gurbuzatik (Group Account Director at CHE Proximity Turkey).

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