About Us

About us

Best Marketing International is one of the leading and most successful producers of workshops and in-house trainings on digital marketing in Europe. Our multinational team, consisting of world-known marketing gurus, visits every year 10-15 different countries sharing their insights and experiences on digital marketing campaigns. Seth Godin, Martin Lindstrom, Mark Tungate and Mike Berry are just few names we work with.

Established in 2003, Best Marketing International has grown to a well-known name in digital marketing conference and training field. We have organized over 100 marketing conferences in more than 30 countries all over the world.

In addition, Best Marketing International is organizing tailor-made in-house trainings “The Best of Global Digital Marketing in B2B”. These trainings compile together the case studies of award-winning digital campaigns in B2B, share the in-depth-analysis of the success factors, and give marketing teams a unique opportunity to explore together how these successful practices could be applied to their company´s daily business. The trainings are created in cooperation with the client taken into account their objectives and wishes. Also we offer comparison analysis between competitors and client´s works.


Our Team

Hando Sinisalu, Managing Director linkedin_icon
+372 50 28561

Mike Berry, Digital Marketing Trainer linkedin_icon
London, UK


Krista Teivane, Key Account Director
+371 2916 2935


Maarja Laasu, Conference Producer linkedin_icon
Tallinn, Estonia
+372 526 8654



Ann-Kristin Kruuk, Reporter linkedin_icon
Tallinn, Estonia
+372 58436777

Office address:
Best Marketing International
Pollu 12
Tallinn 11616


Since 2003, we have organized events worldwide with more than 40 partners.

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