The Best of Global Digital Marketing is an open event full of best case studies in digital marketing. The programme will provide its delegates insights of digital marketing campaigns from world-known brands. It will cover all areas in digital marketing, including e-mail marketing, social media, search and online display marketing. All case studies presented are analysed in-depth, with examples of creative work, video interviews with clients and their agencies.

Starting from 2003, Best Marketing International has organized over 100 marketing conferences and has received a very high feedback from participants.

The Best of Global Digital Marketing is suitable for everyone interested in taking their company´s digital marketing activity to the next level.

Our recent speakers include:

Simon works for Red Bull's in-house agency in Salzburg. He has been responsible for corporate projects around the energy drink for the last seven years. Before he joined Red Bull Creative he worked at Springer & Jacoby for the brand Mercedes-Benz and at Grey Prague for the client Škoda. He often gives lectures on creativity at universities and advertising festivals and is also a member of the Creative Club Austria.

Simon Schwaighofer, Creative Director at Red Bull Creative

Vinod Savio, Creative Director at DDB Group Singapore/Tribal Worldwide

Vinod Savio, Creative Director at DDB Group Singapore/Tribal Worldwide

Kristian Kristiansen, Account Director at SMFB

Kristian Kristiansen, Account Director at SMFB

Mark Tungate, Author and EPICA Awards jury coordinator

Mark Tungate, Author and EPICA Awards jury coordinator

Mervyn ten Dam, Founder & Creative Director at ACHTUNG!

Mervyn ten Dam, Founder & Creative Director at ACHTUNG!

Hando Sinisalu, CEO & Founder, Best Marketing International

Hando Sinisalu, CEO & Founder, Best Marketing International

Mike Berry, digital marketing trainer and consultant

Mike Berry, digital marketing trainer and consultant



09.00 – 09.10 Welcoming remarks

09.10 – 10.30 PART 1

The New Volvo FM: “The Split” by Volvo (Sweden) icon_volvo – A real viral phenomenon – Volvo’s commercial that shows actor Jean-Claude Van Damme appearing to perform a split between two moving Volvo FM trucks.

The Generous Upgrader, Anthon Berg (Denmark) – Danish chocolate manufacturer Anthon Berg designed a special machine to upgrade airline passengers with different amounts of chocolate, depending on how bad their airline seat is.

Abarth 500: “#ZeroFollowers” by Fiat Group Automobiles (Germany) icon_fiat – To demonstrate the Fiat 500 Abarth’s racing performance in the digital world, Leo Burnett created a social campaign called “#zerofollowers.”

Natalia Project: Civil Rights Defenders (Russia, Sweden) – Swedish organization Civil Rights Defenders introduced the Natalia Project bracelet which contains a set of GPS and cell-enabled alarms that will allow aid workers and other at-risk humanitarians to send out distress signals if they’re in danger.

Get Loud Paris:Converse (France) icon_converse – Converse offered rock fans five concerts of French and English artists in unusual places in Paris.

Silhouette iMirror Public (Germany) – The Silhouette iMirror makes it possible to try on eyewear and sunglasses in a realistic environment.

Small World Machines Coca-Cola (Australia, India, Pakistan) icon_cocacola – High-tech vending machines installed in two popular shopping malls in Lahore, Pakistan and New Delhi, India – two cities separated by political tension – invited consumers to put their differences aside and share a simple moment over a Coke.

10.30 – 11.00 Coffee break

11.00 – 12.00 PART 2

TrackMyMacca’s icon_mcdonalds – Winner of Digital Asia Festival 2013 (Australia) – TrackMyMacca’s innovative app allows customers to have their questions about McDonald’s food answered while in restaurant.

The Most Powerful Arm – Winner at Spikes Asia 2013 and IAB MIXX Awards 2013 (Australia) – This revolutionary campaign proves that cool technology and targeted media can bring a tiny and little-known charity to a whole new level.

Dumb Ways to Die icon_metro_trains – The most awarded digital campaign in the World in 2013 (Australia) – “Dumb Ways to Die” was released on YouTube as a three-minute animated video, featuring characters dying in surreal ways.

Volunteer for Volunteering – One of the TOP 10 most awarded campaigns in the World in 2013 (Australia) – Leo Burnett devised the strategy to promote volunteering by enlisting media owners, celebrities and individuals to volunteer their time and resources to help.

Mobile Medic – One of the TOP 10 most awarded campaigns in the World in 2013 (Australia) – GPY&R Melbourne created the world’s first medically-diagnosable advertising, ‘Mobile Medic’.

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch break

13.00 – 14.00 PART 3

Volkswagen GTI Bannerbahn icon_volkswagen – GTI BannerBahn is a race across the biggest websites in Holland. The visitors of these sites were able to turn a simple click into a new car.

Staring is Caring (charity) and/or Warchild (interactive charity project) – An interactive video-experience lets curious eyes stare at the sexiest girls of the Netherlands, scrolling up their legs – and even further if they show they care.

Porsche Macan Blindtrade – Porsche Cayenne Kilometer icon_porsche – Cayenne FM: a radio station that allowed you to experience the roaring sound of Porsche’s most powerful SUV, while driving your own vehicle.

Vodafone Hashtag Holidays icon_vodafone – To promote its All-in-1 Travel package, Vodafone introduced the very first social travel agency: #Hashtag Holidays.

14.00 – 14.30 PART 4

KBC Bank „The Gap in the Market“ icon_kbc – Grand Prix at Eurobest 2013 (Belgium) – KBC used digital to build up a relationship with future business owners and become a good bank in the eye of the general public.

All Eyes on the S4 – Winner at DMMA Onlinestar 2013 and Lovie Awards 2013 (Germany) – How Swisscom and Samsung managed to create a truly viral launch campaign for the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

My Renault Content-Driven Loyalty Platform icon_renault – Winner of MIXX Belgium 2013 (Belgium) – An online loyalty platform with customized content for specific Renault models and their current mileage.

14.30 – 15.00 Coffee break

15.00 – 16.00 PART 5

Nutella Jar Creator – Winner of MIXX Awards Belgium 2013 (Belgium) – Nutella allowed Facebook users to personalize their jar via Facebook application and won almost 160,000 new fans.

Kellogg´s Tweet Shop icon_kelloggs – Winner at The Digitals Awards 2013 (UK) – Kellogg’s opened the world’s first Tweet Shop where social currency replaced financial currency and people paid for products with tweets.

Cafe Amazon „Drive Awake“ – Winner of Digital Asia Festival 2013 (Thailand) – Cafe Amazon created a mobile app that helps wake up drowsy drivers by using advanced eye and face tracking technology.

Tool Pool icon_toolpool – Winner of 100 Wattar 2013 (Sweden) – Malmö Hardware Store’s Facebook app that lets people to borrow tools for free. In first month, ToolPool received extensive media coverage and sales in the store increased by 25%.

16.00 – 17.00 PART 6, LOCAL INSIGHTS. Presentation of successful local case studies.


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