Intersport’s Discount Campaign from Czech Republic Wins The Best of Global Digital Marketing Awards in June

European digital marketing research firm Best Marketing International monitors almost 300 digital award competitions Worldwide. Each month our team handpicks our personal TOP 3 amongst all the award winners.

Our choice is based on the combination of creativity, innovation and results. Results are important, that is why we do not choose our winners based on the “never-seen-before-novelty” factor like most of the creative festivals do.

Our personal Gold for effectiveness this month goes out to Intersport’s discount campaign from the Czech Republic. We also loved Puerto Rico Tourism’s clever PR stunt and MoveHub’s use of big data for content creation.



First Place: Intersport’s The Ad that Ran by OgilvyOne Prague (Czech Republic, PIAF 2015 winner)


To launch their new collection of running gear, sports retailer Intersport asked runners to use any running app and complete a route in the shape of their brand logo. In return for an in-store discount, people had to share their achievements on social media. The longer the run, the bigger the discount.

Although the media budget was close to nothing, Intersport’s campaign became one of the most trending sporting events nationally. The runners generated over 1,000 social media posts (seen by 250,000 people) .Sales increased by 16%. And one crazy jogger managed to cover nearly 100km, receiving the freshest sports gear practically for free.

Why we love it:

Sports retailers have been trying hard to capitalise on the activity tracking/fitness app trend. And understandably so, because these apps are extremely popular worldwide. It’s nice to have a small brag about how fit you are and how you managed to sweat off  those 1,000 kcal at the gym. In the end, sports are all about competition. Intersport didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. They used great in-app marketing, a cost-effective media approach (user-generated content minimised the media budget), a simple idea and most importantly – a good motivator, with a suitable competitive twist. No gimmicks, real results.


2nd Place: Puerto Rico Tourism Company’s Miserable in Puerto Rico by JWT Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico, El Sol Festival 2015 winner)

miserable puerto rico

Kevin Blandford embarked on a free trip to Puerto Rico. Sadly, he couldn’t bring his family along…. He took pictures of his miserable time in paradise and posted them on Reddit. Kevin’s pics became a viral hit. But it wasn’t as entertaining for Puerto Rico’s tourism business. Puerto Rico Tourism organised a new vacation for Kevin. Every miserable photo was reshot, but this time along with his family.

These photos also went viral receiving organic media coverage from over 30 publications from all over the world. A mere $8,000 investment (0 media budget) resulted in $15mln in earned media.

Why we love it:

Sometimes all it takes is a fast reaction to hot events bubbling around us. This is something we consider as 24/7 or real-time marketing. Take Oreo’s Super Bowl tweet or Century 21’s Breaking Bad house listing. You need to monitor trending topics, especially if they have something to do with your brand. This campaign was just downright clever. And we also had a good laugh while watching the case film…


3rd Place: MoveHub’s Putting MoveHub on the Map by MoveHub (UK, Drum Marketing Awards 2015 winner)


International moving site MoveHub compiled the results of’s online surveys into info graphics depicting the quality of life around the world. MoveHub analysed safety, income, happiness and much more.

These colourful graphs attracted hundreds of thousands of people on MoveHub’s site. The media went crazy and the number of leads peaked within weeks after the maps were released.

P.S. If you need a change of scenery, Costa Rica is the happiest nation out there.

Why we love it:

Great use of big data! MoveHub presented universally interesting content in a snackable visual format. Easily shareable, inspiring and media friendly. Keep an eye on MoveHub, because the start-up continues to produce quality content on a regular basis.


These campaigns also made it to our June shortlist:

Misfits’ Dog Gif Party Maker by Proximity (Canada)

Geico’s Unskippable by The Martin Agency (USA)

Honest Brew’s Spam/Virus Money Transfer by Pulse London (UK)

Toyota’s Dream Car of the Day by Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon Tokyo (Japan)

Rak’n’Roll Win Your Life’s Photos for Life by Isobar (Poland)

LOT’s KissAlot by DDB&Tribal (Poland)

O2’s Watch Out! by Gruppe (Germany)

Our team of experts: Hando Sinisalu (CEO of Best Marketing International, Estonia), Maarja Laasu and Ann Kruuk (Co-Authors of “BOGDM: The Storybook and Storybook 2”)

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