McDonald’s Surprise Alarm from Singapore wins The Best of Global Digital Marketing Monthly Awards in September

European digital marketing research firm Best Marketing International monitors almost 300 digital award competitions Worldwide. Based on the winners of these competitions, our research team shortlists 10 works and gives them to International expert jury for voting. Last month we monitored around 10 shows (majority being from Asia).

Unlike the annual award shows, we select the fresh works every month. We select the works from the winners of local/regional award shows.



First Place: McDonald’s Surprise Alarm by DDB Singapore (Singapore)


Mornings are hard for most of us. McDonald’s decided to give consumers a little morning pick-me-up and boost user engagement. They developed an app called Surprise Alarm. Every morning, the alarm app gives its users a nice surprise to start off their day (with McDonald’s). The surprises ranged from free music downloads to actual free giveaways at the restaurant. The app was available both on iOS and Android. The Surprise Alarm app – has achieved over 420,000 downloads and has given out more than 5.9 million “surprises”.

Here’s what the jury thought:

“A great way to turn an annoying alarm into something fun, playful and eagerly anticipated. McDonald’s clever use of technology and social media not only created awareness of its breakfast offering; it successfully managed to send consumers in store to redeem prizes incentivised through purchase. ”- Misha Coetzee (Digital Manager at Distell SA)

“The reason I chose McDonald’s Surprise Alarm ’is because it changes human behaviour with smart technology. It is quite difficult to motivate people to wake up and change their behaviour, with this app McDonald’s was able to succeed in this.” –  Gamze Gurbuzatik (Group Account Director at CHE Proximity)


2nd Place: Invisible People by Cheil Worldwide (South Korea)


Cheil Worldwide, UNHCR  (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and Seoul Museum of Art collaborated on an exhibition featuring 3D printed figurines that highlight the plight of Korea’s ‘invisible people’.

Here’s what the jury thought:

“It is a great way to create awareness for something so neglected in everyday lives of the individuals in a very artsy and innovative way.” – Gamze Gurbuzatik (Group Account Director at CHE Proximity)

“This clever use 3D printing technology coupled with a very real and raw insight makes this campaign work hard. The exhibition of the tiny figurines hidden throughout the gallery drives home the harsh and important reality of the ‘invisible’ North Korean refugees and their plight. The use of social media to send messages of encouragement is both touching and necessary in supporting the virality of the campaign.” – Misha Coetzee (Digital Manager at Distell SA)


3rd Place: Samsung’s Another Me by Cheil Worldwide (South Korea)


Cheil debuted a campaign for Samsung telling the twins’ true story, promoting the Gear 2, Gear Fit and Galaxy in a 1:30 teaser and 3:00 documentary. The video content was accompanied by a syncing app, allowing users to stream the twin’s stories simultaneously. People could also create their own split-screen movies to “celebrate togetherness”.

Here’s what the jury thought:

“It’s rare that advertising moves one to tears. Watching this campaign documentary made my eyes well up; something advertising seldom has the power to achieve. I love Samsung’s use of a real life story of connection to illustrate the powers of its technology. Social media and technology itself made this tear-jerking reunion possible, after all!” – Misha Coetzee (Digital Manager at Distell SA)

 “This is a brilliant combination of a fascinating human story with modern technology. Samsung found out that two twin sisters had been separated at birth and decided to build a campaign around their being reunited, comparing it with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Gear 2 synchronising. A clever app showed 2 stories combining into one when the devices were synchronised.. Cue a lot of talk about synching and two parts joining together into one etc etc. A nice idea, beautifully executed. Bravo!”- Mike Berry (Internationally recognised digital marketing lecturer, trainer and consultant, UK)

In September, the jury consisted of Misha Coetzee (Digital Manager at Distell South Africa), Mike Berry (Internationally recognised digital marketing lecturer, trainer and consultant, UK), Hando Sinisalu (CEO of Best Marketing International, Estonia) and Gamze Gurbuzatik (Group Account Director at CHE Proximity Turkey).


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