Lexus’ Facebook Campaign from USA Wins The Best of Global Digital Marketing Awards’ Summer Edition

European digital marketing research firm Best Marketing International monitors almost 300 digital award competitions Worldwide. Each month we handpick our personal TOP 3 amongst all the regional winners.

Our goal is to chase down fresh creative campaigns with good business results from all around the world and gather further information from all available sources.

Our summer edition combined award-winning work from June to August. Our research team scanned through more than 100 campaigns. In the end, Lexus won our hearts with its amazingly labour-packed Facebook ad campaign. We were equally happy to discover’s hilarious B2B initiative and Vodafone India’s super-effective conversion optimization.



First Place: Lexus’ Beyond Utility 1000 to 1 by Team One (USA, Facebook Awards 2015 winner)

lexus fb

The new NX model was launched along with an unordinary Facebook campaign. More than 1000 customised ads were created based on the information found on social media profiles. The ads are tailor-made based on likes, interests, geography and much more. With more than 11.2mln Facebook users reached and a 300% increase in efficiency – the highly targeted video ads produced some serious results.

Why we love it:

Instead of spending a big buck on a single polished campaign, Team One went ALL IN and created a personal ad for all of us. God knows how many sleepless nights went into this project, but it was definitely worth the effort. ‘Beyond Utility 1000 to 1’ showcases creative use of data and proves that Facebook is still very much on the agenda for the advertising industry. Think big data and personalised content.

Surely, it’s hard to measure the results against the amount of labour, but Lexus is really pushing the boundaries of traditional advertising and we commend them for that.


2nd Place:’s Inspirational Business Choir by BARTON F. GRAF 9000 (USA, Facebook Awards 2015 winner)

business choir helps small business owners with their online presence. Running a small business can be extremely stressful. Late hours at work, less time for loved ones and none to blame in case of error. wanted to be there at their darkest hours: weekends, holidays, late nights. They released a series of hilarious social content.  Spiced with awesome lyrics and charismatic singers, the Inspirational Business Choir was there to give small business owners a melodic pick-me-up. The videos went viral once they were posted across’s social pages. The Choir generated over a million impressions and increased GoDaddy’s social media shares by 20%.

Why we love it:

  1. It shows that B2B marketing doesn´t have to be boring. Because it´s funny.
  2. Because it’s funny.

We’re looking at a very rare bread here: an emotional B2B campaign. Maybe this campaign will give some other ‘conservative’ categories a brave push forward. Content marketing can be fun! It’s not necessary to produce hundreds of jargon-filled articles. Likeable entertaining content can do wonders for your brand awareness. For a good example go take a look at godaddy’s Facebook page (great content marketing!).


3rd Place: Vodafone’s India’s Quickest Recharge Unit by Maxus India (India, Indian Digital Media Awards 2015 winner)

vodafone recharge

Online recharge is very common on India’s telecom scene. Vodafone India relies heavily on online recharge via SEM. Aggressive competition was starting to decrease Vodafone’s click share. The brand challenged Maxus India to increase online transactions from SEM for pre-paid recharge by 40%. After examining a typical customer journey, it turned out that 52% of potential consumers dropped out in the first mandatory step and 14% in the 2nd step. They created a new ad format, which eliminated Step 1 and allowed customers to enter a suitable recharge sum within the Google ad itself. Vodafone saw a 53% increase in online transactions, the conversion rates went up by 45% and click share increased by 5%.

Why we love it:

We’re used to very low conversion rates (hovering around 1%). Maxus India showcased a good consumer insight analysis and eliminated all the necessary steps in order to please Vodafone’s customers.

Lets face it – we’re lazy. Even a simple 2-field contact sheet is off-putting for most. Ecommerce is all about shortening the customer journey and creating a seamless enjoyable experience. And the results speak for themselves!


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