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Volkswagen’s Charge App from Norway Wins The Best Of Global Digital Marketing Monthly Awards in May

Here’s the Top 3 of May:

  1. Volkswagen’s Charge Up for e-Golf by Try/Apt
  2. Taxi Stockholm’s Taxi Trails by King
  3. Toyota’s One Result Google Search by Saatchi & Saatchi Copenhagen

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Case Study: Porsche Macan’s Blind Trade

In 2014 Porsche launched a completely new SUV, the Porsche Macan, derived from the Indonesian word for tiger. A problem with this car is that when people think of Porsche, they think of typical sports cars like the iconic 911. So Porsche wanted to find a disruptive way to introduce the Macan and make sure it was perceived just as ‘Porsche’ as all the other models. The campaign was based on the idea: do you dare to trade your car for ANY Porsche? (knowing that Porsche also makes bicycles?)