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Case Study: Volvo Trucks Live Test Series

Definitely one of the most awarded marketing projects in 2014, the campaign included six Live Test videos for YouTube, which demonstrate the innovative features of new Volvo truck series in spectacular ways. The legendary Epic Split with Jean-Claude Van Damme is the video that has had the greatest impact with more than 77 million views on YouTube. There have been over 20,000 reports about the campaign in media worldwide, and the estimated earned publicity value is 126 million euros.

Case Study: Adobe’s Photoshop Live Street Retouch Prank

The agency Abby Norm was handed a task to promote Adobe’s Creative Days with the goal to showcase Adobe products’ full creative potential. This was always intended to be a B2B campaign with a touch of consumer awareness mixed into it. As a result it went viral and turned out to be a good B2C campaign as well.