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Case Study: Advocard’s Angry Germans

Advocard Rechtsschutzversicherung AG is a legal expenses insurer. Their customers take out insurance policies in case they are sued. In order for someone to do this they have to believe there is a reasonable chance that they will be sued; so it’s good to make potential customers think about such a possibility.

Insurance isn’t the most exciting topic for the majority of the public. Advocard has employed a traditional approach in its marketing initiatives. For ordinary people, insurance products are intangible, generic and it is really hard to tell them apart. So how could Advocard stand out?

Case Study: Bank of New Zealand’s Emotionscan

Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) is one of New Zealand’s largest banks. As with most financial institutions, the same old scenario applies here: people just don’t trust banks. It’s very difficult to get people to visit a bank branch and discuss their financial situation. BNZ claimed to help customers to ‘Be Good with Money’, but there was nothing to start the conversation between the two parties. Until they created EmotionScan – an online experience that allows people to track their emotional responses to a variety of financial scenarios.

Case Study: KBC Bank – The Gap in the Market

Would-be entrepreneurs (especially retailers and local tradesmen) are often not sufficiently aware of the real needs/ wants of consumers. Small towns/ districts might not offer the biggest market; but even a small community is likely to be missing some type of business from its infrastructure. These gaps are everywhere. However, small entrepreneurs find it hard to locate their ideal place in the market. KBC’s approach was to find these gaps, mark them and make it easier for entrepreneurs to meet real consumer demand by starting a successful new business, in the right place.