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Intersport’s Discount Campaign from Czech Republic Wins The Best of Global Digital Marketing Awards in June

Here’s the Top 3 of June:

  1. Intersport’s The Ad that Ran by OgilvyOne Prague
  2. Puerto Rico Tourism Company’s Miserable in Puerto Rico by JWT Puerto Rico
  3. MoveHub’s Putting MoveHub on the Map by MoveHub

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Case Study: Hellmann’s Recipe Cart

Hellmann’s wanted to raise awareness of its brand and make consumers’ everyday cooking choices easier. They came up with an innovative idea to enhance the shopping experience and also to sell more Hellmann’s. The solution centred on the supermarket trolley itself. The cart was equipped with a small LCD touch screen and RFID technology which interacts with various ingredients in the supermarket and lets the shopper know of any products that could be combined with Hellmann’s mayo. As a result, in addition to brand awareness, this campaign actually achieved some real incremental sales!

Case Study: Loom’s Immersive Retail

Loom is a multibrand fashion store in South Africa. One of its key challenges is introducing new brands to the local audience. However, it is very hard for independent retailers like Loom to stay on the map with only a limited local audience. They needed to find something that would separate them from others and increase talkability and overall buzz to increase the stores’ retail traffic. The solution was to build a very advanced and a 24/7 interactive technology platform for Loom’s windows. Through this activity, Loom strengthened the relationship with its core customers and is now the hub for retail innovation in South Africa.

Case Study: Malmö Hardware Store’s ToolPool

A few years ago, small hardware shops were often found in city centres. Now, big chains are dominating this market, meaning that small businesses are disappearing. Matti Jokela owns and runs Malmö Järnhandel – one of those small hardware stores which in recent years has found it very difficult to compete with large chains in the area. However one consolation is that it is becoming increasingly popular for people to do small repairs at home with their own hands (DIY). The opportunity for Matti was this: consumers are lacking the knowledge and tools to do so but the big chains are not able to provide personal consultation and individual help. Matti came up with an ingenious idea to meet this demand in an environmentally-friendly way.

Case Study: Adidas Window Shopping

A few years ago, Adidas launched a new label called NEO, which was directed at younger customers. For these new ‘digital age’ customers, their smartphone has become the ‘first’ screen. This led to an idea to put ‘real’ shopping into ‘window’ shopping by creating an interactive digital window concept that connects with consumers’ smartphones making it magically easy to shop at any time without an app or scanning various QR codes.