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Oreo’s Real-Time Marketing Campaign from UK Wins The Best of Global Digital Marketing Awards in September

Here’s the Top 3 of September 2015:

  1. Oreo’s #oreoeclipse by PHD
  2. Medcom’s Tweeting Pothole by P4 Ogilvy&Mather
  3. Pedigree’s Pedigree Found by COLENSO BBDO AUCKLAND

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Intersport’s Discount Campaign from Czech Republic Wins The Best of Global Digital Marketing Awards in June

Here’s the Top 3 of June:

  1. Intersport’s The Ad that Ran by OgilvyOne Prague
  2. Puerto Rico Tourism Company’s Miserable in Puerto Rico by JWT Puerto Rico
  3. MoveHub’s Putting MoveHub on the Map by MoveHub

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Case Study: All Eyes on S4

Swisscom wanted to create a buzz around the Samsung S4 phone, get it into the press and to get people to talk and anticipate the launch. They decided to create a real-time analogue experience, which would ignite the media coverage. The campaign was called ‘All Eyes on S4’ and it all centred on a competition taking place in 4 main rail stations in major Swiss cities. The result was a worldwide viral video with more than 4 million views on YouTube.

Case Study: Vodafone #Hashtag Holidays

Vodafone had a good offer for roaming, but this doesn’t automatically make the product interesting or exciting. The key was to find something attractive about roaming to communicate this good news. Travelling is definitely something most people would consider enjoyable and desirable and it is in fact, closely tied to Vodafone’s offer. As the target audience was mainly young people, the obvious touchpoint was social media, more precisely Twitter and its ‘hashtagging’ trend.

Case Study: Malmö Hardware Store’s ToolPool

A few years ago, small hardware shops were often found in city centres. Now, big chains are dominating this market, meaning that small businesses are disappearing. Matti Jokela owns and runs Malmö Järnhandel – one of those small hardware stores which in recent years has found it very difficult to compete with large chains in the area. However one consolation is that it is becoming increasingly popular for people to do small repairs at home with their own hands (DIY). The opportunity for Matti was this: consumers are lacking the knowledge and tools to do so but the big chains are not able to provide personal consultation and individual help. Matti came up with an ingenious idea to meet this demand in an environmentally-friendly way.

Case Study: Cadbury Celebrations ’Songs for Sisters’

In India, Cadbury is the market leader in the chocolate confectionery business with a market share of over 70%. Cadbury’s Celebrations gift box contains a festive chocolate assortment – a very popular gift during the Hindu Festival of Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan) and Diwali in India. Raksha Bandhan is an important day for brothers and sisters, a day to express their love for each other and obviously a great excuse for buying chocolates. Every year, Cadbury tries to play a role in fortifying their relationship (and, naturally, to drive sales).

Case Study: Send Your Facebook Profile to Cape Town

Cape Town is the most popular destination in South Africa for tourists. However, there are undiscovered treasures, ‘off the beaten track’, which are unknown to most people visiting the city. These insider spots don’t appear on the wellknown travel sites like Trip Advisor, Expedia, etc. Even Google and Wikipedia have little or no information about these special locations. The official tourism agency for Cape Town – Cape Town Tourism decided to reveal some of the city’s ‘hidden treasures’ to tourists.

Case Study: Johannesburg Zoo’s Live Tweeting Badger

Here’s an intriguing message from a honey badger called BG: ”@zootweetslive Hi, I’m BG. The World’s First LIVE Tweeting Honey Badger. Tweeting from my high-tech enclosure at the Jo’burg Zoo.”

The honey badger is a small carnivore listed as the “most fearless animal in the world” in the Guinness Book of Records. He’s also the mascot for Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa. It is quite obvious that the zoo doesn’t have a big budget, but it could always use a few more visitors to improve the lives of its inhabitants.

Case Study: Oreo’s 100th birthday celebrations with a twist

In 2012 Oreo was celebrating its 100th birthday and wanted to use the anniversary to rejuvenate the brand. As part of the centennial, the company launched the “Daily Twist” campaign, which some of the industry colleagues believe has “set a new standard for marketing in the digital age”.

Case study: Dove’s ‘Ad Makeover’ brings positive ad messages (and overbidding) to Facebook

No matter where any of us look, we are constantly surrounded with ads trying to tell us that there are things about our bodies and appearances we shouldn’t like. Miracle creams to fix cellulite, surgeries to enhance our bust, and pills to help you achieve the perfect weight.

Often these ads create thoughts and feelings about our body image that we would never have had in the first place. Dove created an Ad Makeover interactive campaign that puts women in charge of advertisements. The Ad Makeover lets woman share the message of self-love and acceptance through positive and affirming attitudes toward their and other’s bodies.