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WWF’s Clever Surname Campaign from Belgium Wins The Best of Global Digital Marketing Awards in October

Here’s the Top 3 of October 2015:

  1. WWF’s Families on the Verge of Extinction by Famous Brussels
  2. Vodafone’s Sunday Grannies by McCann Bucharest
  3. AXE’s Silent Entertainment by JWT Manajans

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Case Study: All Eyes on S4

Swisscom wanted to create a buzz around the Samsung S4 phone, get it into the press and to get people to talk and anticipate the launch. They decided to create a real-time analogue experience, which would ignite the media coverage. The campaign was called ‘All Eyes on S4’ and it all centred on a competition taking place in 4 main rail stations in major Swiss cities. The result was a worldwide viral video with more than 4 million views on YouTube.

Case Study: Vodafone #Hashtag Holidays

Vodafone had a good offer for roaming, but this doesn’t automatically make the product interesting or exciting. The key was to find something attractive about roaming to communicate this good news. Travelling is definitely something most people would consider enjoyable and desirable and it is in fact, closely tied to Vodafone’s offer. As the target audience was mainly young people, the obvious touchpoint was social media, more precisely Twitter and its ‘hashtagging’ trend.

Case Study: Old Phones Give New Life

Project Silverline is a CSR initiative by Singapore’s largest telecommunications operator SingTel. This campaign was inspired by yet another iPhone launch in Singapore. SingTel was running this launch and looking at the popularity of smartphones in the country – the sales promised to be huge. This is when the agency Ogilvy One started to think: “If we perhaps took a bit of time and figure that every time we buy something new – what happens to the old device? You would be surprised what you could do with these extremely powerful devices. How can we repurpose them?”