TOP 7 most awarded digital campaigns in 2015

Best Marketing International has monitored over 200 digital marketing award shows and based on the number of wins (Gold and Grand Prix awards on DIFFERENT shows, e.g. 20 Golds in Cannes Lions would count as one win) compiled the TOP 7 most awarded digital campaigns chart.

As you can see, the term “digital” is very broad – it includes (viral) films, mobile apps, social media and event marketing. It’s fair enough to say that “silos” are old school and the best marketing campaigns are indeed integrated.


TOP 7 most awarded digital ads in 2015

  1. #Likeagirl by Leo Burnett Toronto for P&G (Canada)

Already relatively old campaign, with over 60 Million views on YouTube. Shows that brands need to stay relevant for their target groups and touch the issues that are hot in the society.


  1. Monty’s Christmas by adamandeveDDB for John Lewis (UK) 

TV ad from the Christmas of 2014. It qualifies as a viral film because of 25+ Million views on YouTube.
Small children + cute animals have always been the winning formula in advertising and that remains true also in the digital age.


  1. Nike House of Mamba by AKQA LONDON, AKQA SHANGHAI for Nike (UK; China)

Typical Nike- style innovation, showing that Nike is actually a technology company. It qualifies as advertising only because of the viral effect of the film. The winning formula here is following: a) create an innovative gadget or technical solution; b) use your PR force to let the whole World know about your innovation;


  1. The Other Side by Wieden+Kennedy for Honda (UK)

This is essentially digital advertising, it would not have been possible to execute this idea in any other media.


  1. I Will What I Want by Droga5 for Under Armour (USA) 

Similarly to “Like a Girl” it fights against the gender stereotypes and clichés. Very skilful combination of online video and social media. Unlike many other works in this TOP 7, this campaign has outstanding business results as well..


  1. Between Us by Y&R Team Red Istanbul for Vodafone (Turkey)

Good example of the branded mobile app with very high utility. Vodafone has managed to create the app that users really need – and it also resonates well with the brand of Vodafone. Another example of how brands can do good for the society.


  1. Penny the Pirate by OMD for Luxottica (Australia)

Italian eyewear company Luxottica has created the app that helps to identify the vision problems of children. On one hand, it is a pure piece of social marketing. On the other hand, it helps to sell more eyewear as well!


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