Best Marketing International is organizing tailor-made in-house trainings “The Best of Global Digital Marketing in B2B”. These trainings compile together the case studies of award-winning digital campaigns in B2B, share the in-depth-analysis of the success factors, and give marketing teams a unique opportunity to explore together how these successful practices could be applied to their company´s daily business. The trainings are created in cooperation with the client taken into account their objectives and wishes.

Team of Best Marketing International is working closely with the client in preparation process of the training. Based on the client´s focus, we also offer very specific trainings on digital marketing taken in the loop only the concrete business sector. We have done specific trainings on publishing business and FMCG. These trainings have provided marketing teams with good insights about the marketing activities of other players in the same field.

Many international companies have invited us to meet with their marketing teams. These trainings have been very productive and the feedback has been excellent. We are sure that some of future´s successful campaigns will start from our trainings!


Feedback from Condé Nast India:


Feedback from The One Academy Penang, Malaysia:


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